Enclosed Tubular Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are mostly used in the animal feed and chemical industry to transport cereals, coarse meal and granulated or dry products.

These conveyors are operated through electric engines or gearmotors with belt or chain transmission or directly connected to a flexible joint.

They are made in varnished or galvanized carbon steel and, upon request can be made available in AISI 304 stainless steel.

The enclosed version of a screw conveyor guarantees the best possible horizontal flow of goods.

The hatches bolted on the upright side of the casing ensure ease of maintenance.

The use of bronze or plastic bushings ensure extra support.


FLOW  t/h
Laps/min CCG/150 CTG/200 CCG/250 CCG/300 CCG/350
70 4,1 10,3 22,4 40,7 67,3
95 5,5 13,9 30,4 55,3 91,4
140 8,1 20,5 44,9 81,4 134,6
200 11,6 29,3 64,1 116,3 192,3
280 16,3 41 89,7 162,8 269,3
All data are indicative and not factual

Flow Capacity refers to materials with the following specs:
specific weight: 0,75 t/mc
humidity: 15%
Load Factor: 80%